Fred Teaching Testimonials

"It is rare to find an instructor that is not only active and successful in their field, but also knows how to pass their knowledge on to others. Fred is a perfect example of someone who can do both, and it was both an honor and an incredible opportunity to be his student." - Danielle Katvan

"Fred brings the best out of his students and its no wonder why two of his student protégés have been accepted to AFI’s screenwriting program, and another to Tisch." - Bill Rosenthal

"You'd like to think making a good story is magic. You need magic, but you also need Fred. He breaks down how good stories work. It is fun and hands on with real world examples. He takes delight in a well-written scene and helps you find it in your own work." – Jodie Martinson

"To this day, the writing training I received from Fred Ritzenberg has proved to be the most valuable. He understands the art of writing scripts better than anyone I've met in the industry. After taking Fred's class I was accepted into the AFI for screenwriting and I'm now pursuing a screenwriting career in Hollywood." - William Sweezer-Jankular

"Fred's class instilled the tools I needed to take my writing to the next level: humor, structure, and confidence. With a long tenure in the industry and a gift for teaching craft, Fred Ritzenberg's class can help develop anyone's work, whether you're an old pro or a novice student." - Brittney Shepherd

"It’s not an exaggeration when I say I learned everything I know about screenwriting from Fred Ritzenberg. Fred doesn’t just teach the building blocks of screenwriting, his encouraging and patient tutelage goes above and beyond what any screenwriting how-to book could offer. He provides a comfortable space for writers at any level to share their work and receive the feedback necessary to develop their voice and express their best story. Fred’s humor and wit make screenwriting fun and approachable, and his passion for writing is infectious; I cannot stress enough how invaluable having Fred as a teacher is, if you’re serious about screenwriting." - Margaux Puopard

"Fred Ritzenberg is an inspiring, wonderful teacher! He encouraged our class to write from the heart, with emotion and vulnerability. I wish I could take all of Fred's classes!" - Rebecca Lawther

"Fred Ritzenberg's screen writing class was one of the most rewarding classes I've ever taken. He doesn't just show you how to write a screenplay, he teaches how to write a screenplay that has commercial potential. His years of experience working in the industry were self evident as he provided perspective on what it really takes to write a successful screenplay.   He's a master at helping people take a good idea for a screenplay and make it into something truly outstanding.  With Fred's encouragement and guidance, my screenplay wasn't just taken up a notch or two, it was taken to a whole new level.  I can't recommend him highly enough!" - Jeff LaRoche

"It is as a direct result of Fred Ritzenberg’s class that I went on to pursue a career in film and that I was able to connect with the many people and projects I have had the fortune to contribute to and work on. I now work at the Digital Media Center for the Arts at Yale and give workshops on filmmaking." - Louisa de Cossy

"Fred shares his vast knowledge of screenwriting in plain terms with which students of all levels can learn while still challenging our understanding of the craft. Very informative and generous teacher!" – Alexa Fraser-Herron

"Fred's class is suited for a writer at any level.  Even as a published writer and former English major, I learned what it actually meant to apply my creative ideas to screenwriting, thanks to Fred.  Fred is knowledgeable in the technicalities of script structure and story-building; this is crucial instruction for any writer trying to steer away from industry potholes and get a script serious attention.  Fred takes the time to listen, give helpful suggestions on how to take an idea that might be great in your head, and give it life for an audience.  Because Fred is actively writing himself, he comes with empathy for those taking on the writing practice - whether profession or hobby.  It is a refreshing quality that you don't see in many instructors today.  Fred's screenwriting course will always be a favorite of mine, even as I reflect on the many that came before it." – Antra Picard

"Fred Ritzenberg teaches and cements the guidelines necessary for screenwriting, while encouraging and enhancing the creativity of your ideas." - Brennan Brown

"As a teacher, Fred is very supportive, thoughtful, and invested in his students. He provides the groundwork for successful screenwriting and provides insightful notes to push your creativity." - Ari Sigal

"Screenwriting with Fred was an enriching experience. I got into filmmaking because I was always drawn to great storytelling. I had always looked forward to Fred's screenwriting class because I knew my stories were safe there--the stories I already had and the stories I was working up the courage to tell. In Fred, I see an instructor that is generous, empathetic and offers a lot of space for a writer to grow and explore what it is they want to create. Lots of people and books can teach you mechanics but I think it's more important that you are trained to be a better listener of the stories you want to tell. I feel like Fred has greatly helped me in recognizing authenticity in what I'm trying to say. If you sign up for a class with Fred, what you're really buying is ticket into a great conversation, a lot of guidance in telling stronger stories and possibly more refinement of your voice as a story teller." - Loan Thach

"Fred always makes sure you're honest with your writing, so you pull the audience in, instead of alienate them. Also don't ever write the word 'disheveled.'" - Nick Mead

"I studied screenwriting under Fred Ritzenberg for two years at the Saul Zaentz Media Center. He is the best kind of teacher - one who actively pursues his own career for love of the trade and discipline. Fred is a seasoned professional with a tremendous amount of actual experience as both a produced Screenwriter and a successful Producer. He is wise, witty and accessible to his students. Fred truly cares about his students and is inspired by their progress. The amount of give and take in his classes still fuels and informs my own screenwriting some 8 years later. Fred shared with his classes his own scripts at various phases of development, he shares writing and production stories, he teaches both creative and practical application of the craft and instills an appreciation of film and writing history. He also remains committed to his students beyond the course because he is a genuine teacher. A writing class with Fred Ritzenberg is a very worthwhile experience whether you intend to write, produce or direct ... even if you're a film fan looking for more film appreciation." - Peter Burns

"Fred Ritzenberg is an engaging and grounded teacher of the fundamentals of screen writing. His teaching style is personable and humorous, but also completely engaged in storytelling in the screenplay format. He has both a sense of the business of writing the script; how treatments, outlines, and other writing in the process of creating a finished screen are best crafted for their purpose, but also how they achieve the goal of finishing a full length script. Whether you’re looking for simple effective tools to make the craft of your writing better, or an honest perspective on a long form project and how to approach it in a way so that you aren’t overwhelmed by the prospect of tackling your 120 pages opus, or if you’re blocked in the process of writing how to find your way out or around." - Joel Pincosy

"Fred is the type of instructor that all budding screenwriters and storytellers should hope to come across.  His years of experience speak for itself, but it is his brutal yet genuine honesty that make his classes so valuable." - Jeffrey Lee

"Fred’s the real deal… a working pro screenwriter with feature film cred and years of teaching experience. Fred brings a good vibe to the classroom and keeps it fun while laying a solid foundation for good screenwriting. I learned my basic screenwriting skills from Fred including proper formatting and the fundamentals of classical story telling. But perhaps more significantly, I learned the importance of writing visually and with cinematic shorthand that enables a script to be read and visualized at movie pace. A diligent student could learn the basics of screenwriting from a book but the real value of the classroom setting hits home when your own scripts are read and critiqued by the class accompanied by Fred’s expert guidance." - Mark Altenberg

"Fred Ritzenberg is a asset to any screenwriter. His classes are engaging, motivational and a safe place to experiment with ideas and develop your craft. He will arm you with the tools that every aspiring screenwriter needs. Fred is honest, approachable and truly cares about his students." - Erin Drake-Prior

"Since writing is the first (and most significant) part of the filmmaking process, I think that Fred's screenwriting class is the most important that I've had to date. He teaches with great respect for the group conscious, giving everyone equal opportunity to voice their perspective, and although he teaches from a very classic and traditional textbook, he remains open to inventiveness and encourages experimentation. I would love to take another class from him, it's a very inspiring and enriching experience." - Ryon Baxter 

"Fred Ritzenberg is an outstanding instructor!  I took his screenwriting classes for 18 months as part of a Film Production Graduate Certificate Program.  His passion for the subject matter is palpable and his enthusiasm for teaching is tireless! His classes are interesting and engaging but Fred requires that you "show up" and do the work! It is a fantastic learning environment! I always felt his commitment to my success and to helping me reach my goals and realize my dreams. And I know from my classmates that they all felt it too! And over the years since finishing the program, I have reached out to Fred various times for input on my writing and career guidance. He always makes the time! I promise that you will learn a lot and have a great time doing it! Do not walk but rather RUN to register for his next class!" - Gina Mooers

"It's very helpful when Fred brings his years of experience into his teachings. Not only does he teach you screenwriting, but also pitching and the ins and outs of the filmmaking business. He has provided many screenwriting materials that I still use today. His critiques are full of integrity and sincerity and has helped my work represent who I am as a writer while captivating an audience. I am a much more motivated and confident writer because of Fred." - Alia Lundy

"It all begins with a great story. No truer words were spoken in this industry. You could have a $100 million budget and A-list actors and directors but your film will be shit if it does not have a well-developed, engaging story with interesting characters for you to fall in love with. This is why the most formative, intriguing, and beneficial class during my time in film school was with Fred Ritzenberg's script writing class. It was also the most enjoyable. Fred masters the ability to create a really nice, safe and creative environment for students to share, collaborate, and develop ideas. I felt supported by him and my fellow classmates; I felt encouraged to explore and experiment with my story and my characters; and most importantly I was given the tools and the technical skills for writing a script to make it all happen. Fred will help you turn a great idea into a great story and give you the tools to write it in a format that will help get it sold. I cannot recommend Fred Ritzenberg's script writing class highly enough!" - Christopher loverro

"Fred's knowledge of the craft of screenwriting runs both deep and broad. He has a real knack for breaking the process down into actionable parts that simplify the sometimes daunting process. His focus on structure returned some of the greatest dividends of my time under his tutelage. Like a seasoned mechanic, he can just "listen to the engine" and tell you what it is that's not working. I rarely missed a class with Fred, as it really was one of the highlights of my tenure at film school." – Devan Van Eyck

"Fred's class was the first screenwriting class I took, and was the perfect introduction to the craft. His insightful lessons and collaborative roundtable discussions helped elevate each writer's script to its highest potential. Fred offers honest, practical feedback that helps balance a writer's personal voice with the most powerful mode of storytelling, and always pushes each draft to the next level. He's an amazing mentor, and I'd recommend his class to anyone who's serious about elevating the quality of their scripts and being part of an inspiring, collaborative community of writers." - Meera Peermohamed

"I had the pleasure of having Fred Ritzenburg as a screenwriting teacher for two years. No other teacher has given me the self confidence to pursue writing seriously. Fred not only teaches students how to recognize and analyze quality scripts, but how to write them. In short, if the opportunity arises to have Fred as a screenwriting mentor, take it." - Brooke Schmill

"Everything I know about screenwriting I learned from Fred. At the beginning of his course I knew nothing about writing for the silver screen, but by the end not only did I know how to format a script perfectly, I became a better storyteller. Thanks Fred!" - Will Green

"Learning the craft of storytelling from Fred has made me search deeper into the real intentions behind the characters in my stories. I have learned to listen to them, and focus on how and why everything they do serves the screenplay. I had the privilege of meeting Fred on set in Israel (for Zaytoun) and see him in action as a producer where he introduced me to the Oscar winning executives and made me realize that everything he talked about in class comes to life in the professional world". - Yossi Amit

"Fred is an excellent pedagogue. While studying at BDFI, his classes were by far the most prepared and detailed while also being hands-on. Thanks to his scenario writing classes, I had my first encounter with concepts which have been key to my storytelling work, even as a documentary filmmaker, ever since : "character motivation" and "conflict as a driver". Learn from this man ! - Emmanuel Cappellin

Fred is an amazing instructor with a wealth of knowledge an expertise. He teaches in a way that is unforgettable and in a way that ushers your thoughts and imagination into fruition. He teaches the transparency of screenwriting so you will know the good, the bad and the ugly and inevitably write a masterpiece. I'm thankful to have had the privilege to be in Fred's screenwriting class. - Ashlei Reign